Risperdal Lawsuit

Every year in Connecticut and throughout the United States thousands of people suffer injury, illness and even death due to the use of unknowingly dangerous or defective prescription drugs.  If you or your family have suffered injury and ill effects due to the prescription drug, Risperdal, the pharmaceutical  personal injury lawyers at Jazlowiecki & Jazlowiecki, LLC can provide the legal help to aggressively pursue your Risperdal lawsuit. We will work with you to hold all responsible parties accountable and help you obtain the financial compensation that you deserve. Call or Text our Law Firm at (866) 529-5291 (or submit your case HERE) and speak directly with a licensed attorney.  You will learn about your legal rights and how Jazlowiecki Law may be able to help you with your Risperdal lawsuit. The Consultation is always 100% Free – our lawyers will assist you by evaluating your claim for free.  Jazlowiecki Law has been protecting the rights of the Severely Injured since 1974.

What is the Risperdal Lawsuit?

Manufactured and marketed by Janssen Pharmaceuticals (a subsidiary of healthcare giant Johnson & Johnson), Risperdal was approved by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) in 1993 for the treatment of schizophrenia and acute mania, or mixed episodes of bipolar disorders. Risperdal is also commonly prescribed in a so-called ‘off-label’ capacity (for which it was neither tested nor approved by the FDA) for the treatment of behavioral disorders in the elderly such as dementia, attention deficit disorder (ADD) in children, as well as depression, anxiety and autism. While it has proven to be  effective at treating a number of these serious medical conditions, Risperdal has also recently been linked to a large number of serious, potentially life-threatening side effects including Gynecomastia – the development of breast tissue in males.

What are Risperdal’s Dangerous Side Effects?

Via consumersafety.org
  • Gynecomastia (Male Breast Development): Several studies have shown that Risperdal can cause growth of breast tissue in males, including young boys and adolescents. The condition often requires surgical treatment in cases of long duration. It can also lead to psychological consequences including depression, anxiety and negative body image
  • Hyperprolactinemia: Risperdal can trigger premature puberty in girls and young women, leading to lactation (without being pregnant) and loss of libido.
  • Type II Diabetes Mellitus: Studies have linked Risperdal use to abdominal weight gain, which can lead to insulin resistance and an increased chance of developing type II diabetes.
  • Rapid Weight Gain: Risperdal has been linked to dangerously fast weight gain in some individuals.
  • Tardive Dyskinesia: Risperdal may increase the risk of developing tardive dyskinesia, a sometimes irreversible condition characterized by uncontrollable movement.
  • Heart Attack and Stroke: Elderly patients in particular who take Risperdal may be at a higher risk of a heart attack or stroke.

Is there a deadline to bring a Risperdal Lawsuit?

Every potential defective drug lawsuit has a statute of limitations,which places a deadline on the amount of time that someone must file a lawsuit. every state has their own statutes of limitations, and the time periods vary by state. Statutes of limitations apply in all civil cases, including personal injury cases and product liability cases. Most defective drug and pharmaceutical claims fall into one of these two categories, including Risperdal. It is in your best interest to have your claim investigated immediately so you know your applicable deadline.

How much does an Risperdal Lawyer Cost?

NOTHING. At Jazlowiecki & Jazlowiecki, our drug and pharmaceutical attorneys work on a contingency fee basis. Our firm only gets paid if a settlement or verdict is reached. If there is no recovery you are not responsible for any fees and there are no out of pocket expenses. Evaluating your potential  Abilify case is also free.

Do I have a Risperdal Lawsuit?

If you have taken Risperdal and have suffered some of the effects listed above, you may have a potential claim against the makers of Risperdal. To fully investigate and evaluate your claim, we encourage you to immediately contact the attorneys at Jazlowiecki & Jazlowiecki, who will evaluate your claim for FREE. Call or Text our Law Firm at (866) 529-5291 (or submit your case HERE) and speak directly with a licensed attorney.

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